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Harvey Underwood Caldwell better known as KXRN is an electronic producer based in south-west London.


KXRN is a dark, theatrical yet twisted character for Harvey’s work to embody.


He’s set a clear standard in his work for melancholic, lo-fi virtual experiences for the listener to undertake within his extensive releases of beat tapes. This led to various collaborations with a network of artists within the online lo-fi community alongside receiving opportunities in his local music scene to host hip-hop nights and play shows. Harvey over the years of being around the southwest music/skate scene gained friendships with the likes of Mac Wetha and Saul Money leading him to produce projects for Bone Slim and Lava La Rue including their  joint project “SHARKBOY AND LAVAGIRL” and is the main producer of LAVA LA RUE's first project LAVALAND PART 1. 


KXRN continues to frequently release experimental lo-fi / hip-hop tapes, dropping as a main member of HOTR and producing for various members of NINE8 .

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