musician, producer. 

L!BAAN is a London based MC, Model, Producer & keys player for the four piece improvised production band "Sophists." 


Originally coming to NiNE8's attention from skating round north sides and bringing positive-style lyricism and big energy performances to several local london hip-hop nights, L!BAAN's unique voice found its way featuring on the NiNE8 MIXTAPE which led him to become a beatmaker for the likes of NAYANA IZ, LORENZORSV, LAVA LA RUE and more.


Originally being exposed musically to the likes of Marvin Gaye, L!BAAN started discovering rare groove music which led him to create 

sample based productions under the name "MANTRA." His production frequently take elements of soul, funk and obscure compositions and flips them in to more chaotic, alternative style beats.


Through that L!BAAN was exposed to more genres, working on compositions and lyricism which he now is curating alongside being a main collaborator for the NiNE8 "NO SMOKE" EP.