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Producer / Rapper / Events.


Niall Williams a.k.a NIGE or DJ SUKHA, is a London based MC, Producer and creative collaborator for NiNE8MIXTAPE VOL 1 and NiNE8 garms & events.


Whilst working under “NIGE” as an MC and Producer, Niall frequently joins forces with other various underground British experimental rnb/hip hop groups such as FOOT KLAN, SAVE YOURSELF LTD and BIN WEASEL.


 Nige also uses the alias SUKHA to create more alternative electronic/dance productions, often channeling a fresh take on genres such as UK Garage and House to create a sound that resonates London’s pirate radio heritage.


On Jan 22nd 2018 Niall launched the EP to his alternative electronic/dance project “SMALL TALK” under the alias SUKHA. The 4 track project was released under Lithuanian independent label “Say No More Records” who have a history of cultivating the subcultural online scene of house producers in the UK and Eastern Europe. 


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