Oli Rajh

Hair Stylist, Visual Artist.

Oli has worked on LFW and is learning from some of the top stylists in London. His style is raw and his video, set to release at our launch part 2, depicts the organic form of modern style. Jawbreakers part 1 on the 10th of March.

Working in a central London hair salon by day and driving creative input for various movements such as NoCurfew and NiNE8 Garms by night, (before unconsciously succumbing to the power of the mask, and waking up with no re-collection of ones precursory activities, only to restart the morn as an orderly hairdresser)

Oli Rajh is a creative and colourful asset to have on any artistic team, with a natural zeal towards developing his skill and stylistic experimentation.

Oli Rajh for NiNE8 GENERATION I (SS17)

more cuts by Oli Rajh

Oli Rajh for NiNE8 GENERATION I (SS17)


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