Multi-instrumentalist, composer, singer-songwriter.

 Balam "Pancho" Baker is a West London based musical artist.

After playing with bands of the indie genre (one that is now known as Maliki) Pancho then left to pursue a more personal process of producing and songwriting.

Whilst optimizing his skills in guitar and piano and training himself on trumpet and guitar, Pancho started collaborating with musician/rapper Lava La Rue and producer Mac Wetha (both whom he'd met at his new college) and began featuring on a number of collaborative hip-hop tracks. His deep tone voice alongside his poetic style of lyricism is identifyable on the tracks the three would later release under "NINE8."

Pancho is currently working on a personal project which explores his multi-instrumentalism and jazz compositions which will be released uner the name "Panchotapes." He will also continue to collaborate with Maliki and Lava La Rue to perform live band afro-beats and neo-jazz style shows.