Sonia Kahn

Fine Artist and Photographer.

Sonia Kahn is a seventeen year old Russian-American fine artist based in London.

Particularly interested in using pre-existing materials, Sonia often sources objects, which she then manipulates in a variety of different manners including: painting, stitching and collage; her work often reflecting upon themes of the female condition and memory, with reference to shared experience through generations.


Working across a range of mediums, she explores these common ideas using a mixture of experimental techniques, and utilizes both analog and digital technology to create new and unusual images for the viewer that often explore the concept of the ‘uncanny’. Many of her pieces are also installation based, using images to alter perceptions of depth and space through projection.

Open to collaborations / commissions for projects and events, Sonia continues to further develop her artistic techniques, and intends to work more closely with ceramics and illustration.


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